Peter Day works closely with his clients to thoroughly understand their transaction objectives, issues and concerns. The level of his involvement in the planning and execution of a transaction depends on the experience, resources and capacity of his client to manage the complexity, uncertainty and risks of a deal. In most cases Peter will lead all aspects of the transaction including strategy, preparation, marketing, negotiating, managing the transaction process and working with the transaction team until closing. In other cases Peter’s clients request guidance and advice on specific aspects of the transaction as needed including business valuation, negotiating strategy, deal structuring and input on transaction agreements. Peter works closely with his client’s other professional advisors (legal, tax, accounting) and refers in transaction experts if requested.

Fee structures are flexible (hourly and success based) depending on the nature of the transaction and client preferences.

Transaction success depends on the right strategy, an experienced advisory team and a disciplined approach.


Optimal strategy comes from a clear understanding of the transaction objectives, deal motivation and a strong knowledge of the M&A and financing markets. For divestitures and financings, deal success is highly dependent on the upfront planning and preparation that takes place in the early stages prior to marketing. All too often, company owners engage in discussions with potential buyers and funders long before they are ready to go to market. On the buy side, an effective acquisition strategy is essential in order to ensure the investment of resources is effective and successful. A well-defined acquisition strategy is based on clearly defined objectives, target criteria and deal parameters.


Successful transactions depend on a team of internal (owners/company executives) and external advisors (M&A, legal, tax and accounting). The optimal advisory team has substantial and relevant transaction experience to deliver the best transaction results in the most efficient and effective manner. A deal team with a long history of deal experience across a wide range of deal sizes, types and industries can identify opportunities, anticipate issues, minimize risks and negotiate the best deal terms based on a strong understanding of the transaction process and market.


Discipline ensures that the transaction process is planned and executed to deliver success. An experienced M&A advisor engages in comprehensive pre-transaction planning, maintains deal momentum, proactively anticipates and manages deal issues, coordinates effective communication between deal advisors and provides ongoing guidance and contact with his client until the deal is successfully closed.